If You Want Something Bad Enough
 And Train Hard Enough, Then "NEVER" Give Up  

 "Greatness Will Not Be Denied"
                                        AUTHENTIC BOXING CLUB                                     

Authentic Boxing Club :

Founded in the spring of 1999 ,  Larry Edgar and Partner Monty Summers opened the door to the Authentic Boxing Club. 

Coach Larry Edgar and the Team are striving to become the best Boxing Club in the country.
 Authentic Boxing Club has the reputation of producing Professional  boxers, Male or Female, to compete at the highest level of the sport of Boxing. Authentic offers Professional Training and Management. 

Authentic Boxing Club:                                                                         
We are located in the West Bottoms in Kansas City Missouri.
1308 West 11th Street. Gym hours 5pm to 8pm Monday thru Thursday & 5pm to 7pm on Friday(have to get out early
enough to catch Friday Night Fights)
Gym # 816-695-9171

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 Markas Gonzales (Middleweight Champ)                                                                         Boyd Henley (Welterweight Champ)


                                                             USA Missouri State Lightweight Title Champ      
                                                                           Meli (9-MILI) Perez

          Demetrius Walker                                 Calvin Metcalf                                Calvin Metcalf
     The USA Missouri State                          2014  165lbs. Open                         2014 165lbs. Open
  Super Middleweight Champ                 Title Nationals Champion           KC Golden Gloves Champion

                                        Luis Jimenez                                                    Calvin "The Great" Metcalf
                                              2014                                                            Kansas City Golden Gloves
                             Ringside World Champion                                           2015 165 lbs. Mens Open

                                                                                                                                 " OUR PRO'S "

                                                                          " At Authentic we believe in " WINNERS TRAIN, LOSERS COMPLAIN "

                                                               "Authentic Amateurs"
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